ESG Policy

Global Flux International Consultancy Limited (GFIC) is dedicated to acting in the best interests of our investors while recognizing the integral role that environmental, social, and governance considerations play in our business mandate. Our ESG policy outlines our commitment to responsible business practices, sustainability, and contributing positively to the communities and environments in which we operate.


At GFIC, we acknowledge our responsibility as stewards of nature and commit to responsible investing. This involves avoiding investments in traditional, non-carbon-conscious oil, gas, and coal extraction companies. Furthermore, our head office location is part of the Oxford Properties community, which implements global waste best practices and adheres to energy performance standards, reflecting our dedication to operating in an environmentally friendly location.


Our ESG policy emphasizes managing relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the community in a socially responsible manner. GFIC is committed to avoiding investments in tobacco and firearm companies, aligning our portfolio with socially conscious values. In our supply and service procurement process, we prioritize working with vendors that share similar ESG values. Our goal is for 75% of our total business expenses to come from vendors with established ESG policies.


Our commitment to ethical conduct is a fundamental aspect of our governance principles. GFIC's employee code of conduct emphasizes accountability, integrity, and ethical values in all areas of employee conduct. This includes a strong stance against bribery and corruption practices. Furthermore, we align executive pay with ESG policy compliance, ensuring that our senior executives contribute to promoting and complying with the company's ESG principles.


GFIC actively engages in good governance practices, recognizing the importance of transparent and responsible corporate leadership. We believe that robust governance structures contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of our business.

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